Membership based Men’s Rights Community.
Get Peace, when your Marriage is on the rocks!!

Confidare India is a Community Center, an outcome of men’s rights movement in India. Men who face domestic violence or false cases of dowry harassment or domestic violence, often lead very difficult lives trying to prove them to be innocent. Over and above that, they lack adequate mental and emotional support from the society as well.

Confidare Community Center is established by some of the best Men’s Rights Activists of India. These activists have spoken to and have made a difference to more than 3000 abused men in the last couple of years. These activists have also worked to bring great sensitivity to the issue of marital problems facing men. These activists have also been influential in sensitizing the Indian Government on various issues faced by men/husbands on invitation from the Government of India. These activists have also been consulted by the Karnataka Law Commission for a research paper on Section 498A causing social harm and changes needed in it. Apart from this, these activists have been greatly responsible for the build-up  and spread of the men’s rights movement across India and abroad. This community center is a part of services by Confidare Consultancy LLP.

Community Center for men – The Concept