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Confidare Consultancy is an educational partnership firm established with a vision to provide guidance and coaching to men. In order to achieve the goals, Confidare has established 2 major arms – Counseling and Research. The counseling wing focuses on providing guidance and coaching to men victimized or otherwise. The research wing indulges in conducting social research on various laws, mindsets and social memes that affect men adversely.

Confidare has been established by people experts on men’s issues be it legal, emotional, personal, social or the financial complexities therein. Founders of Confidare have spoken to thousands of men who have faced abuse, ridicule and social discrimination.

The men have attained great amount of peace of mind after speaking to Confidare founders and the volunteers trained by Confidare. Confidare works on a membership based model. An abused man can approach us and take our memberships which have a nominal fee. Our membership details can be found here.

The key things that a man can get from Confidare are:

  1. Proper guidance and coaching about how to deal with the crisis at hand.
  2. Access to community of like minded people who have gone through similar situations.
  3. Timely review of overall strategy.
  4. Peace of mind from stress, anxiety and fear.
  5. A patient listening of your problems.