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Anti-Misandry Training Program

Anti-Misandry Training Program

Misandry is a relatively well known term these days, at least in the arena of gender discourse. It means “social hatred against men”. Hatred that is unfounded, and exists without corroborating evidence for its existence and that lays the foundation of many anti-male policies and laws. Misandry is a deep subject and there is a lot of material available to suggest that its deplorable at best and needs be despised.

This training program has been designed by Confidare Research due to years of painstaking research on attitudes and thoughts that affect men adversely. This program focuses on the various aspects of misandry, the various types of misandry like cultural misandry, external misandry, internal misandry, etc.

The program also emphasizes on the various ill-aspects of harboring misandry inside. It also enables the trainees to identify traces of resident internal misandry inside them and alleviate the same. It also encourages the trainees to raise their voice and register their protest against misandry.

It also drives home the point that how misandry lays the foundation of leveling false allegations against men as a tool of revenge and exploitation against men. This training program is delivered periodically for Confidare members and is conducted by Confidare experts who have pioneered the cause of men’s rights in India and are leaders in bringing a semblance of pro-male changes in the society.

This training program is of 5 hours duration and also contains interactive workshop exercises which can be of great help to understand the concept of misandry.