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Conference on Men’s Mental Health and Legal Issues

Conference on Men’s Mental Health and Legal Issues

Date: Fri & Sat, 10th & 11th June 2016.
Time: 9 : 30 AM to 6 PM on both the days.
Venue: The Paul, Bangalore. 139/28, Domlur Layout,Off Intermediate Ring Road,Bangalore – 560 071.

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We are experiencing rapid changes in culture due to globalization and economic prosperity. This has led to changes in expectations from both men and women in family and the society. Even today, our social discourse has little focus on emotional well being of men. Due to family and relationship problems, we are heading towards a mental health crisis. It is already impacting employee performance and increasing incidents of violence and suicides.

The intention of the Conference is to give an interacting platform for Psychologists, Mental Health professionals, researchers, academia, students, Employee Assistance professionals, the Corporate, men’s self help groups and men, who themselves have gone through well-being issues that impacted them and their performance at workplace.

This Conference will help bridge the gap between various stakeholders in this field and help create better understanding of these emerging topics of interest. 

The need of the hour is to create discourse and academic disciplines about men’s well being issues as a focused specialization, rather than existing approach of clubbing all issues together and relegating men’s problems on to the back burner.

The topics that speakers are expecting to cover during the conference are:

  • Emotional Well-being of men in corporate.
  • Marital problems and family issues.
  • Intimate Partner Violence and prevention of suicides of men.
  • Psychological Impact of litigation on men’s well-being.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Critical incidence response
  • Social trends, surveys and statistics.
  • Gender Role reversals
  • Emerging global cultures
  • Social trends, surveys and statistics.

The tickets for the Conference are as follows

  1. Rs. 4500 for Corporate participants.
  2. Rs. 2500 for individual participants and students.
  3. Rs. 3000 for individual participant spot registration, on the day of the event (only cash payable).