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Confidare India announces First Anniverssary Celebrations

Confidare India announces First Anniverssary Celebrations

Confidare India Men’s Rights Community Center is pleased to announce a small get together on the occasion of its completion of the one successful year of operations. Confidare opened the first ever men’s rights community center in India that supports, guides and coaches abused, victimized and distressed men, especially husbands.

On this occasion, Confidare extends a cordial invite to all to Koramangala Club Bangalore, on the 10th June 2012, Sunday at 4:30 PM for a small get together.

Event Details,

Date: 10 June 2012, Sunday.

Time: 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Venue: The Koramangala Club, CA-17, 6th Cross, 6th Block, Koramangala Bangalore – 560095

Ph: +91 80 25531864 +91 80 25525333 / 25520255 +91 80 42679000 – 30

Fax: +91 80 25529494

Email: koraclub@gmail.com

Web: www.koramangalaclub.org

For more details about confidare, visit http://www.confidareindia.com

What are your views on Men's Rights Movement?

What are your views on abuse of men by women based on your experiences in life?

According to you what is feminism?

A guy already has got a domestic violence case on him by his wife. Now, his separated wife is threatening to life a false dowry cases. What should he do?

In "Save Indian Family" local chapter meetings, you find a guy is giving bad legal advice. He is scaring people telling horror stories of jailing etc and urging guys to compromise and do settlements before dowry case is filed. He does not listen to you even after you telling him to stop doing this for couple of times. He does not even listen to couple of other leaders. What will you do?

Why many of our members/activists do not contribute to the letter campaigns, protests, volunteering etc?

Every 18 minutes a married woman commits suicide in India. In how many minutes a married man commits suicide in India?

Who wrote the famous book about of plight of men,"Myth of Male Power"?

Age old Indian family system is in crisis today. What should all men’s rights activists do?

What are your views about section 498a of Indian Penal Code that was enacted in 1983 to give teeth to laws to curb dowry.

What are your views about Indian Men’s Rights Movement?

What are the main goals of feminists?

Government is passing the laws to discriminate men,

What are your views about any man remarrying after divorce?

What are your views about bride burning?

A guy and his parents have got bail from court last week. He calls you for advice. What will you advise him?

A wife has filed cases of section 498a, DV act and maintenance case against a guy about 6 months back. He and his parents are on bail now. Who do you think can deliberately do a lot of damage to him now?

A lot of victimized men are calling you on phone for guidance from nearby city every month since last 6 months. That city is 120km away. What will you do?

What is the key to successfully dealing with false cases by wife and harassment by courts?

A guy is separated from his wife and his wife is threatening a police complaint against him. He wants you to help him and he wants a good lawyer. What will you do?

If you do not get divorce even 4 years after you filed it, how will you feel?

What is Leadership according to you?

A lot of abused men do not protest and do not participate in activism before, during or even after they have faced the problems.

What are your views about men, who commit suicide due to marital problems?

What is the most dangerous aspect of section 498a of Indian penal code?