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Thank you Confidare team.
Being with you, has been a journey of learning. Learned, how to be free by our own mental blockage. The me-first, and 'live life for 15 days' session, helped to calm down from extreme emotional stress. Confidare is a friendly environment, with intention to bring out the best from a person to face the 'Enemy-attack'. The lessons are not limited to Legal, it's about, how to turn-around adverse situation in your favour. This lessons are for the life, and the Voice of Confidare member's is from heart and mutual-learning.

Thanks a ton ! Truely, you are 'Ashok Kumar' of 'Amol Palekar'.
Stop taking advice from your lawyer and reach out to Confidare. Trust me you'll have life changing experience.

This gives me immense pleasure to write something about confidare, though it took me a while, that's because i was busy enjoying the stress free life after my divorce.The Credit goes to Confidare and the people behind it.

I am one of the many Indian Men who faced a bad marriage and the subsequent legal hassles as a consequence of false Dowry Cases 498a/406 by their bitter half.
False dowry cases have become a fashion for the so called independent women and their greedy parents who think that since the marriage is anyways not working so why not make some money out of a failed marriage.

My journey with confidare started soon after i realized that my marriage isn't working and I started seeing signs of legal hassles coming my way. It was a long battle with the entire system including society and the legal against me.The only support i had was confidare and my family who also believed in confidare.
One thing that helped me the most is that i went to them with an open mind and could actually execute the suggestions they gave.I have seen many guys not being able to do so because of their own other reasons. Good thing about confidare is that they are always reachable. Had they not responded to my calls on the day I was present before the Jodhpur High court judge, when i was given some time by the judge to think and respond , it is quite possible that i wouldn't have come out of this mess that early.

Confidare guided me all through and helped me get out of this situation as a winner.I did not pay a single penny to my ex-wife though she demanded INR 80 lacs for ruining 3 yrs of my life πŸ™‚

Confidare not only provides you the counseling and the support that you need the most during such times, it also exposes you to a full community of people facing similar circumstances arising out of bad marriages.Yes, you are not the only person facing such cases.

I really appreciate the efforts that Virag, Katti & Anil are putting for providing such a platform and community for men.

Hello ! I first met team Confidare in may 2014 , I was scared,depressed and totally confused about my future not sure what's going to happen next , I was under a constant threat of false dowry case by my wife and in laws , the threat is still present but my perception has changed after meeting these guys , they counselled me told me how to deal with the pressure and also educated me about the law so that I can go ahead and confidently handle my own case !
The best thing you get at Confidare which money can't buy is peace of mind and knowing that someone is there to listen to you without judging you !
Considering that society is inconsiderate towards men's issues , Confidare is that place where you are listened to and your problems are dealt with.
If you or any of your family member is harrased by your in laws or your wife or you have been named in a false case , Confidare is the place you should be at without a second thought!!
Like many other Men who are facing the music of courts, police station due to false 498A Dowry harassment case filed by in laws and i was not exception to get the same i was also about to get 498A as Wedding Gift soon but Case is avoided till now by the Guidance got from Confidare consultancy. Now I am leading my life peacefully. I really Thank Whole team of Save Indian family foundation and Confidare consultancy for helping many Depressed men to lead a peaceful life.
I have joined confidare 3 months back. I have to say thanks to all the people of this group to give support, help and advise to me. Here you will find the people who support you and make you strong to fight against corrupted system. First day when i joined i was very nervous but now i am confident enough to fight for my rights. Here people giving you, their time which most precious and priceless in the world.
1 year ago [ Mar 2013]
After, my Wife walked out of the house.
For next 6 months, I tried all my ways (mentally and physically) to cheer up and keep things going forward.

6 months ago [ Dec, 2013]
I joined confidare with loads of doubts and clarification on what should be my next step. Mentally and physically drained out. I felt , i was answerable/ responsible for every bad thing that happened in my married life till then.

Today [ July 2014 ]
Mentally and physically felling better. This is the major change i see in myself.
I am confident and ready for any challenge in my life [ personnel and professional ].
Am very much active in confidare meetings and discussions.

Oops. Forgot to renew my membership.
What confidare has given to me can’t be described in few words...I have not only got the strength to fight my own case but it also gave me the confidence to help others...few friends who have observed me from the day one from where all this has started have told me that I actually started laughing again and i also feel that...I guess the credit for this must go to confidare only.
Joining Confidare is the one of my life's best decision. Earlier being a member, I got true moral and legal ideas support from team confidare in B'lore. After visiting the B'lore facility and meeting all the senior member's was a different experience all together, refreshing and enriching. I whole heartedly thank the management team on B'lore who trusted me and allowed me to be a part of Confidare Delhi Core Team. Thank you all once again.
Confidare is the one organisation which gave me the confidence when I was fighting a case in family court against me. The team guided me and I learnt lot of things coming over there.

I thank complete team for their support and guidance.
I am very happy to write this testimonial because Confidare saved my family reputation by stopping my family get arrested for false dowry case.
My mom was illegally detained for around 10 hrs in All women police station in oddanchatram,TN. It was a tough time & I was helpless, Confidare guided me & its community people supported continuously from morning
till evening when my mom was brought out.
They have given me a coaching & confidence to fight back the false cases with merit. Now I am getting a training for last 5 months, it has changed me a lot as a person and as a citizen.
Even if you set aside my problems with my wife, in-laws, society and the Indian Legal System (all of which have tremendous scope for improvement), I am a man of values and a man looking for value, in all its meaning. Yes, I would rather buy the same Arrow Shirt at 40% discount in a sale next month and wear it on my next birthday, and would rather buy double size Shampoo for the free tooth brush. (You got the idea).

You know, I knew most of the techniques (really!) , that they taught me directly or indirectly at Confidare, even before I came to Confidare. I can know all the information, data and legal points from the wwww (wonderful world wide web). I can even muster some community strength from multiple organizations fighting for men's rights. So, What is a "Value person" doing at Confidare for the past 8 months?

1. Now, I am confident that my existence and fight has a meaning, simple because similar people exist in the universe and they will definitely support me
2. Now, I clearly understand that I am not only fighting my in-laws and their so called intelligent lawyers
3. I get genuine, true, real - life, experiences shared by other members, which brings me back to ground every time I get in to self-pity & worry-whirl-pool
4. I am with people, in a community, who are genuine freedom fighters and have techniques (rich in experience) that really works in real world.
5. Now, I take responsibility for my actions and don't depend on pre-concieved notions, lawyers, and enemies to decide my current and future
6. Most importantly I get genuine feedback for my actions and plans while the whole universe around you talks only about the rosy "early settlement" πŸ™‚

I came to understand that these people really want me to be a really happy man, simply because it makes them more happy!
Getting in touch with Confidare members has empowered me in the truest sense. Before joining Confidare I had the feeling that I am not alone and there are others affected like me, but Confidare gave me the confidence to dare and take the problems head on. Most importantly it taught me how to convert an adversity into an oppurtunity. Kattiji, Anil, Virag, Mithun, Rukma all have helped me immensely and have made me believe in my capability to carry a fight successfully. 'Thanks' is too small a word to befit my feelings for them.
Membership @ Confidare has given me the confidence to take the right decision for my future. Virag, Pandurang, Rukma and others have listened to me & provided me with ethical advise and education.
I have been a Confidare member since July 2011 till date and I would strongly recommend a membership with confidare to anyone who is facing Marital Problems in life. Confidare is in a true sense Community for men. One gets mental and moral supports at Confidare, apart from expert view on individual Cases.

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