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Some Frequently Asked Questions, Answered below:

Queries about us and Your Membership (16)

Who runs Confidare India?

Confidare India founders are prominent Men’s Rights Activists, who are from diverse backgrounds like Engineering, Journalism, Transport Business, Accounts, etc. They are often quoted in Indian Media and newspapers and have made their representations before the Indian Parliament and the […]

I am an unmarried man and I am not sure whether to go ahead and marry my girlfriend or get into an arranged marriage. Would Confidare guide me on safe practices to be followed?

Good news for you. Confidare experts have come up with a unique training specially designed for young men and teenager boys with an objective to train them before they tie the knot. There are no such training programs which are […]

In which cities of India, Confidare has a presence

Currently, we have two fully functional offices of Confidare. One is at Bangalore and the other one, for Delhi-NCR is at NOIDA. There are 2 teams of experts at both the locations who run and manage the offices and provide […]

Is Confidare India another legal service provider? Is Confidare a Law Firm?

No. Confidare is a Men’s Rights Center and a community center for Men. We support and educate men, who have serious marital problems or who are anticipating some serious marital problems. This helps them get peace and often save their […]

Does Confidare India provide counseling to wife and her parents?

No. We do not specialize in women’s problems. That is not our forte. Please understand that today the nature of Men’s Problems is very different from the nature of women’s problems. A man with marital problem has very few supporters […]

What help does Confidare India provide other than legal help?

Confidare India provides much more than legal help. Often it becomes a perception that a man needs only legal help in these kinds of crises. However, more than legal help, a man needs psychological and emotional support system, a non-judgmental […]

How long should I become member for, to solve all my matrimonial problems?

Marital problems are highly complex and dynamic in nature and if there are litigations involved, no specific time frame can be effectively predicted. It depends on a case-to-case basis. However, as a general rule we recommend people to either take […]

How do I become member of Confidare India?

Please fill the contact form and we will email you the simple process of becoming a member. Alternatively, you can visit our online payment gateway and make a payment there to become a member. Post membership, you can call the […]

What are the benefits of taking a membership of Confidare?

There are multiple benefits people get by taking Confidare Membership. First of all, a man gets a lot of clarity about the possible scenarios and their resolution in near future. By interacting with the members of the community, one can […]

Can only men living in Bangalore become Confidare members?

No. Indian Men from all over India and NRIs can also be members of Confidare.

I live in outside India; can I become a member of Confidare?

Yes, you can become a member of Confidare and we will provide support to you over phone, email and WhatsApp (only chat). Additionally, if you are visiting India, by any chance, you can drop by into our offices and discuss […]

Do you have a Library?

We have a Library with books related to Law and Men’s Rights in Bangalore, which you can use for reference purposes. You can visit this center in weekends and take all your time to read the books. We also have […]

I think I cannot afford to pay for the membership fee. Can you give me a concession or can you please waive it off?

We are sorry. We cannot provide a concession or waive the fees as we are a company with infrastructure. The fees are peanuts compared to your legal expenses and the price that you pay due to lack of peace and […]

Do you accept online payment?

Please visit our online payment gateway in order to take membership online. You can pay by using Debit Card, Credit Card, Netbanking. Please do not use American Express Cards. If you face any issues regarding membership, please call Virag at […]

How do I renew my membership with Confidare?

Please visit our online payment gateway in order to renew membership online. Make sure you give the same email id you gave at the time of registration. You can pay by using Debit Card, Credit Card, Netbanking. Please do not […]

Queries about you and your cases (4)

There are no cases filed but I am in a turbulent relationship with my wife & in-laws. Will Confidare help me out in this situation?

At this stage Confidare is the right place for you to be in. This is a very crucial stage in the lifecycle of a bad or abusive marriage that a man goes through and he needs utmost guidance at this […]

Sometime ago, my wife has left my house and has gone to her parent’s house. Now, she is threatening me with a dowry case and saying she will send me and my family to jail. Can I become Confidare member to save myself and my parents?

You can take a membership with Confidare, which will greatly help you in tackling this difficult situation in your life. A large number of anti-dowry cases are false. By taking proper legal precautions, you can protect yourself from serious legal […]

I am very afraid and scared about myself and my parents. Can Confidare help me?

Please fill up the Contact form with brief details and the city in which you live. We will get back to you at the earliest.

How can I reduce the amount that I pay to my lawyers?

Most people have no clue about the service charges of lawyers and many lawyers do not tell the exact fee they are going to charge before you avail their services. Often, men take wrong or costly decisions about which law […]