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Legal Knowledge training program

Legal Knowledge training program

As has been explained in the “Personal Empowerment Training Program”, that the crux of the duress of a man lies in the emotional struggle, however, still the man needs legal knowledge to safeguard him against false cases and ensuing legal proceedings.

The “Legal Knowledge training program” has been designed by Confidare experts to address this concern. This program has been based on the vast amount of research that Confidare experts have done studying the legal structure of India and various other international laws. This research is also based on personal victories in the legal arena by Confidare experts.

This training program focuses on educating the Indian men about the various laws, legal procedures and tenets of legal machinery that can affect them, mostly adversely, if they are trapped in a false and frivolous litigation initiated by a woman and/or her relatives against the man. It covers important laws like Section 498A (Dowry law), Domestic Violence Act, Section 125 CrPC (Maintenance Laws), Divorce laws, Child custody laws, rape laws etc.

It also covers the lifecycle of civil and criminal cases, certain case laws and remarkable judgments. The training program is interactive and laced with productive and exemplary workshops which help the attendees gain confidence in handling legal disputes. The program concludes with winning strategies.

This training program is of 6 hours duration and as a takeaway, the participants get a copy of the presentation used for the program. This training program is chargeable separately for Confidare members or otherwise and is conducted periodically by Confidare experts.