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Men facing relationship blues and legal threats therein

Men facing relationship blues and legal threats therein

Relationship blues cause severe agony and trauma to most men. Most men simply have no clue about how to deal with them. More often than not men indulge in relationships without doing careful research about various gender laws in India especially the rape law. So, when they get implicated in any false cases by their partner or girlfriend or when they face threats or extortion, they just do not have a clue about what has hit them.

In Confidare Men’s Rights Community Center, we understand men and their problems, whether you are young or old. We are aware that there is growing discrimination of men by the laws and also the court system, where often men are considered as aggressors and women as victims.

If you are someone, who is getting harassed or facing threats from your girl friend/live-in partner about police complaints, facing verbal or physical abuse, abuse of your parents or family, then Confidare is the right place for you. You can also approach us, if you are already facing multiple court cases. You can avail a membership with us, which will enable you coaching and education to be peaceful and fight your court cases effectively. You will get educated about how the court system works, so that you do not panic in distress situations and end up doing things that can further harm you or your family.

In short, Confidare Men’s Rights Community Center is a place for men, who face relationship blues. You can access the reference material, basic law books and the legal citations at the center. The center also contains an audio-visual system, which enables you to watch videos related to laws and men’s rights. You can talk to our counselors who will help you reduce emotional stress and face problems of life powerfully.

Here are a couple of scenarios:

  • You are a man facing a continuously abusive relationship and your girlfriend/live-in partner blackmailing you to meet her unreasonable demands. You are sad and you just do not know what to do and whom to approach. Abuse is taking a toll on your career and job.
  • You are a man whose marriage has been fixed and your casual partner is now forcing you to get married to her else she is threatening to implicate you in a false rape case.
  • You are being blackmailed by your female partner that she will file a complaint against you that had sex with her on a false promise of marriage.

In all these scenarios, you can contact us using the contact form here.