Men’s Rights Organisations have grown all over India.

With the increase in in verbal, physical violence and intimate terror by wives, large number of men’s rights organisations have grown all over India in last several years.

These men’s rights organisations have vehemently campaigned against draconian anti-male laws in India. There are continuous protests and dharnas all over India against these laws. Many women’s organisations have also come up solely to oppose the militant feminists and anti-male bias in the society and judiciary.

The prominent men’s rights organisations in India are Save Family Foundation (SFF),, National FamilyHarmony Society, Hrudaya, Kolkata, Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) and mynation foundation. Similarly, the various women’s organisations thatare vehemently fighting militant feminists are mothers and sister’s initiative, all india forgotten women, all india mother-in-law protection forum and sisters and mothers awaiting justice.

Apart from protests, all these men’s rights organisations conduct several seminars and national conferences every year. Many of these organisations have also met parliament members, judges, law commissions to create awareness about domestic violence against men and also they have testified in front of parliamentary committees for making of gender neutral laws, which are fair to every one.

For fighting discrimination of men in child custody disputes and also parental alienation syndrome by poisoning of children’s mind, several father’s rights organisations have also come up within men’s rights movement in India. They include Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP India) by Kumar Jahgirdar and Bhavya Foundation.

The Indian Supreme Court has warned of unleashing of “legal terrorism” unless the misuse of the anti-dowry law, section 498a is amended to stop the misuse. The anti-dowry law also violates the cardinal principle of natural justice as it presumes the accused husband, his mothers, sisters and even minor relatives as guilty until proven innocent. Many men also are driven out on to streets, when they are ordered to leave their own house so that his wife can stay in the house after filing a complaint under domestic violence act.

List of websites of men’s rights organisations in India: