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How to deal with loneliness in life?

Running a community center for victimized and distressed men is not an easy job. One needs to be very patient and at times deal with very tough yet sensitive queries. Given the rampant and often socially validated insensitivity towards men […]

Workplace Harassment Law – Knights’ Armor in Peril

After the famous case of Vishakha, Supreme Court had laid down the guidelines for making workplaces safe and secure for employees and an element of sexual harassment was also added. 10 years after that a bill was proposed and it […]

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Masculinity And Grief: A Death of My Own

When I was 15 years old, my 25-year-old uncle died in a fire. While some older adults had feared for his well being for some time, his death was sudden, unexpected, and extremely traumatic for me. In times of grief, […]

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What does pain teach us in life?

Human beings have a constant quest for happiness. This constant quest for happiness makes us averse to pain to such an extent that we human beings often neglect or overlook the bigger perspective pain teaches us in life. However, before […]

Protector Syndrome and Men

Who is asked to shoo away a monkey from the courtyard when it enters inadvertently? Who is asked to escort a 30 year old able bodied young woman? Who is expected to walk on the outer periphery of a procession […]

Male Rape – An ostentatious reality of society?

The word rape invokes a plethora of emotions amongst people. Without any prizes for guessing, the emotions are those of hatred against men. Even though, rape is forced sex without consent by definition, yet over-emphasis on protection of women and […]

The realistic myth of Patriarchy for men

Before we delve deep into the topic, let’s first discuss what’s patriarchy all about? Patriarchy is the notional concept that father is the head of the family. This single notional concept is so magical that it makes the society ubiquitously […]

The Sentinels of Human Territories

Gone are the days of war in most countries and gone are the days of anvil that men had to stay on, being the protectors of civilization boundaries. For centuries, men have donned the role of sentinels of these human […]

Pleasure Of Growing Up Gracefully

We often see the news of suicides by glamorous women and we wonder what went wrong in their lives. We feel that their lives are some cindrella story then why these lives are wasted just like that? What these women […]