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Jyoti Tiwari features in Sakaal Times speaking about violence on men

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By Shyam Prasad S, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Jul 22, 2016, 04.00 AM IST High Court gives temporary relief staying the police investigation for four weeks The High Court has stayed the investigation in the sexual harassment complaint filed against six […]

एकपक्षीय सोच का संकट

पुरुषों के लिए काम करने वाले संगठन कानफिडेयर की स्थापना 2011 में की गई थी। यह संगठन पीडि़त पुरुषों की सुनता है और उनकी मदद करने की कोशिश करता है। पुरुषों के लिए काम करने वाले संगठन कानफिडेयर की स्थापना […]

पुरुषों द्वारा की जा रहीं आत्महत्याओं पर होगा मंथन

पुरुषों के अधिकारों के लिए काम करने वाली Confidare India नाम की संस्था पुरुषों के मानसिक स्वास्थ एवं कानूनी मुद्दों पर दो दिवसीय अकादमिक सम्मलेन आयोजित करने जा रही है। यह सम्मेलन बैंगलोर में 10 व 11 जून को सुबह […]

Men’s rights find a Bolly handle

New Delhi, May 10: Small-time actor Adhyayan Suman’s outburst against National Award-winning star Kangana Ranaut seems to have lent some steam to the long-struggling men’s rights movement. The 28-year-old son of actor Shekhar Suman spoke up last month about the […]

Ways to deal with Domestic Violence discussed

Translation. Original article appeared in Rajasthan Patrika 22 Feb 2016, page 2: Bengaluru: Confidare India, an organization that guides victims of domestic violence, organized a special seminar on Sunday. Many aspects of Domestic violence law were touched upon and issues […]

News in Bangalore Mirror: Workshop to train men to handle marriage and domestic violence

City-based Confidare, which guides victimised and distressed men reclaim their rights, has started a new initiative to educate unmarried men. A two-day workshop organised by Confidare, #SafeMarriage, will teach candidates the dos and don’ts to live happy and safe in […]

Children from broken homes are ‘three times more likely to suffer from mental health problems’

Article Source Growing up with a single parent or step-family can have a ‘damaging effect’ Experts warned it adds to the ‘mountain of evidence’ that stability matters UCL study found 6.6% of children with two biological parents had trouble Compared […]

FEATURE: Indian Social Advocate, Virag Dhulia Shares His Thoughts On Abused Men

A vast majority of men experience every other day, some form of intimate partner violence ranging from Physical Violence, Verbal Abuse (Threat of Abuse) as well as Emotional, FINANCIAL and even Sexual Abuse from their Wives, Female or Gay partners […]

Domestic violence against men: High time government addressed the problem

Confidare Co-Founder and Head, Gender Studies, Virag Dhulia authors an article elucidating the gravity of “Domestic Violence Faced by Men” and why a law might be needed to salvage the issue. The piece appears in IBNLive Specials Virag R Dhulia […]