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Well-Being of Men is our prime focus

Makeover of our Delhi Office

Jyoti Tiwari explains what we really mean by Dowry

We often keep hearing this word – Dowry. In newspapers, media, TV channels, often you will see Indian men being slammed for being “Dowry Seekers” and India also has criminal provisions for imprisoning men accused of demanding dowry. So, what […]

Confidarean Jyoti Tiwari talks at National Conference of Family Law

Jyoti Tiwari, represented Confidare and spoke at the “National Conference on Family Law” on the topic of “Is Amending Law a Fantasy”. It would not be an uncommon sight to see a handful of people (mostly men) asking to change […]

Listening spaces for mankind!

Jyoti Tiwari Chats with Vivek Ganesan – Confidare & Men’s Issues

Activities at our Community Centre for men

CCMI Photos – The images tell the story

Confidare Delhi completes 2 successful years

2 years back in April 2014, India’s largest community center for victimized and distressed men, Confidare, started it’s office in Delhi while it was already operational at Bangalore. Starting Confidare at Delhi had its own challenges but the incubating team […]

Jyoti Tiwari – In Discussion at DD News Aamne Saamne

Prominent Men’s Rights Activist Jyoti Tiwari presented her views on the recent Supreme Court judgment about granting property rights to daughters. She also exposed the double standards of feminism and how men are at receiving end due to the same.