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Anti-Misandry Training Program

Misandry is a relatively well known term these days, at least in the arena of gender discourse. It means “social hatred against men”. Hatred that is unfounded, and exists without corroborating evidence for its existence and that lays the foundation […]

Legal Knowledge training program

As has been explained in the “Personal Empowerment Training Program”, that the crux of the duress of a man lies in the emotional struggle, however, still the man needs legal knowledge to safeguard him against false cases and ensuing legal […]

Personal Empowerment Training Program

Often, men develop a lot of negative contexts about life when faced with harassment, abuse and torture. These psychological setbacks can affect men adversely in every sphere of life including relationships, financial upheaval, professional wherewithal, individual contentment, interpersonal relationships, future […]

Training And Consultation on the Gender Sensitivities with special focus on understanding Men

Men form a large proportion of the workforce in most of the companies and are usually called upon to execute dangerous and mostly unwanted jobs, for e.g. night shifts. They have their own unique requirements, travails and socialization that need […]