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Personal Empowerment Training Program

Personal Empowerment Training Program

Often, men develop a lot of negative contexts about life when faced with harassment, abuse and torture. These psychological setbacks can affect men adversely in every sphere of life including relationships, financial upheaval, professional wherewithal, individual contentment, interpersonal relationships, future ambitions and plans to name a few.

It becomes a vicious circle of one problem leading to another resulting in a set of intertwined problems and the man feels completely trapped and either lives a compromised life or ends his life. Either ways, the man’s life is finished.

When a man undergoes duress, his struggle is mostly psychological in nature and the man needs emotional healing the utmost.

The “Personal Empowerment Training Program” has been designed at Confidare Research to help men understand social context which plays a very great role in they being subjected to abuse. It helps men see the bigger picture and enables them to develop a positive perspective about life. It enables to rise above the troubles, problems and lead a life made up of powerful choices.

This training program is of 4 hours duration and would be more like an interactive workshop being facilitated by a trainer from Confidare. This training program is conducted periodically for Confidare members.