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Pleasure Of Growing Up Gracefully

Pleasure Of Growing Up Gracefully

Growing up gracefully

We often see the news of suicides by glamorous women and we wonder what went wrong in their lives. We feel that their lives are some cindrella story then why these lives are wasted just like that?

What these women wanted which they don’t get? Did you ever noticed the way girls are pampered in the family? Parents of a girl will make a comfortable environment  around them. They will be given extra care, comfort, safety for being a girl child. Not only family, the government, the world around us is pampering them.

She lives her life like a princess and then she will start dreaming like a princess. She will think of a lavish lifestyle, designer outfits, expensive make up and beauty treatments. But life is not perfect. People have to struggle hard, take up responsibilities to live. A girl is not used to all this. She will search a man to do all this for her.

The man in her life has to pamper her because she is used to it. I read somewhere about a woman who committed suicide but people didn’t blame her husband because he used to pamper her everyday, “darling you are getting more beautiful day by day.”  And that she used to behave like a teenager in front of her husband.

So, she will use this man for all her needs and comforts and if he is not able to do it she will blame him and leave him. She is free to chose another man while the last one will struggle with the guilty feeling of not being able to fulfill her requirements. Well, there is and end to this lifestyle. You cant fight ageing but these women try that too.  The cosmetics, treatments makes you look younger but inside you are no more young.

The cosmetic treatments have their side effects too, you will not be able to cope up with small problems in life, you will get depressed. And then you take help of drugs to fight depression. Your dreams shatters in seconds when you face a little problem. A woman living in dreamy world will not be able to accept the reality of wrinkles, less attention to her.

Feminism didn’t teach her to accept the truth it, teaches them to fight with nature and then die in a cowardly manner. They are never taught to be happy with little bundle of joys. They are not taught to be happy with the imperfections, after all life is not perfect. They need attention and and in habit of getting pampered. When they do not get that, they get mad . And then people search a man to blame.

A man lives a hard life to make life easy for others. He will not be able to say “I love you” daily or make you feel special every time you want. Marriage is not a Yash chopra movie, honeymoon in Switzerland and Manish Malhotra clothes. There can be ups and downs and woman should learn to struggle through it.  Take  responsibilities of your actions and thoughts , do not blame others.

It is alright to be imperfect, to be a little over weight, to have wrinkles. There is big difference between the age of 25 and the 35 or 45. You cant act like a teenager in that age. Woman should learn to live in reality, its OK to be ambitious but there is pleasure in bringing up children, cooking or cleaning the house too. Little bundles of joy can make life beautiful. Its beautiful to get older gracefully, accept it.