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Confidare QUIZ for Unmarried Men

Take this Quiz designed by Confidare experts to evaluate your understanding of Indian marriage from a man’s perspective. This quiz will help you understand your preparedness for marriage before tying the knot. It will also help you take a decision whether you should enrol for “Safe Marriage Training” by us or not.

What is the best age to marry if you want to be safe in marriage?

Should you marry a career woman or a woman who intends to stay at home?

What is annual cost of court cases and lawyer fees in a big city, if a marriage breaks?

How many marriages are breaking in India every year?

Your parents are urging you to buy a house after marriage. They also want to contribute some money for the purchase. What will you do?

Your wife loves you very much. She is very nice to you. But, you are afraid of your mother-in-law and her short temper. What will you do?

How many cases for dowry harassment complaints are filed in 2014?

If a couple have children, who suffers most during a divorce?

At early stage of marital problem, whose advice will you take?

If wife and husband are both working, is the husband expected to pay one time alimony during divorce?

What is the main reason for women filing dowry harassment and section 498a cases in India against husband and their relatives?

Who should come first in a man's life?

Which kind of men are more likely to face bad marriages?

What will hurt a man most if he faces problems in marriage?

Why men's problems often get worse?

What are the two main reasons of suicide of men in India?

How many married men and women commit suicide every year in India?

After marriage, your wife does not want to stay with your parents and you both are quarreling about it. What will you do?

If a man faces problems in marriage, what kind of father-in-law is likely to create most nuisance?

Under how many laws can a wife claim maintenance from husband?

Vivek filed for divorce. He is 28 anf earns Rs.90,000 a month salary. The court ordered him to pay Rs.15000 a month to his estranged wife, who earns Rs.20,000 a month. What will happen to monthly alimony, if he loses his job?

If a woman commits suicide within 7 years of marriage due to depression. What will happen if her parents complain that she died due to dowry harassment?

What happens to children when a couple get separated or divorced?

In 2014, women filed about 123,000 cases of Section 498a or dowry harassment in India. In these cases, the husband and his family are not just charged with one section of penal code, but they are also charged with many other sections like Section 406, 506, 323, 377, 354 of Indian penal code. What is the fees a husband and his family has to pay to the lawyer for applying bails, if they are implicated in false cases?

Neeraj is 29 and his is a software Engineer. He and his wife are separated since last 1 year. He wants divorce. But, his wife wants Rs.75 lakhs as one time alimony for giving divorce. Neeraj wants to move on and get remarried. He does not have such huge amount to money to give to his estranged wife. Neeraj approached the family court for divorce. How long will it take for him to get divorce?