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Workplace Harassment Law – Knights’ Armor in Peril

Workplace Harassment Law – Knights’ Armor in Peril

After the famous case of Vishakha, Supreme Court had laid down the guidelines for making workplaces safe and secure for employees and an element of sexual harassment was also added. 10 years after that a bill was proposed and it was totally biased against men. Amid a lot of debates and controversies of being one-sided, gender biased and amidst a lot of protests by various groups campaigning for men’s issues, the bill was finally passed in 2013.

Due to constant protests against the bill, finally the Govt. introduced a clause for misuse of the bill. And it said, that if the complaint was found false, action would be taken against the complainant. With passing years, slowly, the noose of the law is tightening against men as complaints are rising and many men are losing their jobs due to such complaints.

As per this law, the complainant can also ask for 50% of the salary from the accused. So, your female colleague, who is earning almost as much as you are, or probably more, can file a complaint against you and claim upto 50% of your hard earned money. At the same time she also gets sympathy, while you get defamed.

That defamation can be devastating to your career and future growth prospects. And in most of the cases, there’s no actual so-called sexual harassment of the woman. Since the definition is lose and vague, women take advantage of it and the general social mindset which views them as victims, men are facing the heat of yet another gender biased law.

Some of the scenarios which may land you, as a man, into the net of a sexual harassment complaint filed against you are,

  1. Professional rivalry
  2. Appraisal and performance issues
  3. Grudges of a past interpersonal relationship
  4. Interpersonal issues between colleagues
  5. Advances of a woman rejected by a man
  6. Casual conversation turned sour

And in such a situation, it would be imperative for men to get trained by experts on how to handle such a situation and how to sail through the crisis situation. Confidare experts have huge amount of experience of understanding the depth and dynamics of the hostile environment that gets created when accusations are leveled on a man by a woman, and how innocent men suffer in the same. Men accused of such false charges of harassment at workplace can approach us and we can help them stabilize themselves and defend themselves effectively.