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Social sexual mindset needs a complete overhaul

Social sexual mindset needs a complete overhaul

Adage has it that “more rapes happen in the news channels than in reality”. It’s not a rare occurrence that media creates a huge stir about some alleged incident of rape which later turns out to be a hoax and a faux-pas by media.

Even though, later the case may turn out to false and the accused man might not get punished, however, the damage done during that interval is colossal, irrevocable and irreparable. And it won’t suffice squarely blaming the media for it. The sexual mindset of the society has a much larger role to play in this.

Society readily accepts men as sexual aggressors and women as submissive objects when it comes to sexual orientations. Such ubiquitous and biased inclinations create more social chaos than the purposes they redress.

It is because of such social mindset that stories about man molesting a woman, man raping a woman, man abusing a woman get sold immediately, mostly sans logic or evidence. Even, when evidence analysis later reveals the truth, the society is not really interested in the matter. The innocent man’s life is ruined, while the complainant woman tends to gain a lot of sympathy and other benefits in the process.

While these are the effects at the micro level, at the macro level, the entire clan of men suffers a lot as it makes it very easy to register false cases against men and use the situation to one’s advantage. Even professional and business rivalries can be the base of such false and malicious litigations.

The consequences of the stories that media runs while the case is examined and ultimately gets declared as false, spreads a magnanimous amount of male hatred (misandry) in the society and this makes men’s lives extremely tough in a society which is generally insensitive towards men.

Such insensitivity makes it easier to file false cases against men, which in turn, gives the media yet another chance to run another story on one more false case. It has become like a vicious circle which is self-feeding.

The outcome of this vicious circle is that the society never gets over the perception of a woman’s vulnerability and the concept of men’s rights would always remain a subject out of discussion.

Even assuming there might be some genuine cases of sexual assault or rape, then too,

  1. They aren’t committed by aliens; they are allegedly committed by the very individuals living in this society and brought up under the same social sexual mindset as others.
  2. It would be foolish to assume only men commit those crimes and women never do so or a man can never be a victim of such crimes.
  3. Pardoning those women who file false cases will never reduce the number of complaints; on the contrary, such a behavior would act a great motivator to register a false complaint.
  4. Only blaming men for it will never lead to any solution and,
  5. Without overhauling the social sexual mindset the problem would only aggravate.

I have been talking a lot about social sexual mindset and the need for its overhauling. Before overhauling it, let’s take a potshot at the anomalies in the existing social sexual mindset.

Often, in movies, young men are portrayed as sex hungry maniacs whose only goal in life is to woo a girl and get laid. However, this is not a correct representation of the average Indian male. I have interacted with thousands of young men and they do a lot of things in their lives for themselves and not just to impress a woman.

Also, males in the movies other than the hero are often shown as being abused by women and such a portrayal of men is comical in nature.

As long as the society readily accepts such vilification of men with absolutely no sense of dignity for men, stories of false rapes and false molestation of women by men would be lapped up by the society making them extremely sellable and TRP hungry media would continue to encash on such stories.

It will never ever raise the veil of perception of crime against women and reality would never surface. Logic tells us that when time and again media has fell flat on its claims pertaining to rape cases and a multitude of such cases which the media reported as “rape” were not rape in reality, the trend should not continue. But, for the fact that, as a society we tend to over-believe the media, looking at it the ray of hope against tyranny of capitalism forgetting the basic fact that most media houses are run by capitalists.

Currently, the problem is very severe for men. One complaint from a woman and the man would be declared as a criminal without any trial or investigation and this would ruin his life. Unfortunately, a vast majority of men are failing to recognize this as a larger social problem and are themselves trapped in the mindset that when it comes to sexual matters the male is always the aggressor and the woman always a submissive victim.

Until and unless, the society, especially men, make a conscious choice to rationalize this blind mindset, this problem of sexual crimes will only aggravate with a plethora of false cases being filed and innocent men being exterminated in the process.