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Terms and Conditions:

  1. Confidare Consultancy LLP, henceforth referred to as the Company, provides Confidare Community Center and is a Limited Liability Partnership registered for business purposes and to provide services to men trapped in marital and/or relationship crisis in order to enable them to overcome the crisis with minimal damage.
  2. The membership to the Community Center entitles the Members to interactive discussions of their issues and crisis situations.
  3. Information provided by members to the Company shall remain confidential between the members and the Company.
  4. The material available in the Company’s Community Center is sole proprietary of the Company and not meant to be either removed from the premises or to be reproduced in any form/fashion under any circumstances.
  5. The Company and/or any of its partners, are not responsible for any for the consequences arising, whatsoever, out of the legal actions taken by members post after acquiring membership. Members are expected to exercise independent judgment of course of actions.
  6. The Company may make best efforts to conduct research for citations but cannot guarantee suitable availability.
  7. Members are expected to display consideration, courtesy towards others members in sharing of the resources available at Company’s community center.
  8. The crisis situations that may be affecting the individuals have complex social and legal bearings; hence the facilitators can under no circumstances guarantee the outcomes of an action.
  9. Members must formally inform the center coordinator in case they are under any kind of psychiatric medication, or are suffering from any mental health problem including depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc. Company and its community center do not provide any psychological counseling. Members must approach psychiatrists for mental health problems.
  10. The Company reserves its right to protect itself legally in the event of any of the above terms or conditions being violated.
  11. The Company reserves its right to terminate the membership of any member without any prior notice.
  12. Printing facilities will be chargeable.