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The devastating psychological impacts of false allegations on men

The devastating psychological impacts of false allegations on men

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The devastating psychological impacts of false allegations on men

“False allegations of abuse, are abuse”, read a placard at one of the street protests organized by an organization working to create awareness about victimized and distressed men.

The message was prominent, when a man is falsely accused of an allegation of torture and harassment by a woman, the society takes the abuse of the man therein very lightly and expects the man to downplay the whole incident without realizing that accusing a man falsely is a very serious form of abuse on the man.

Of late, there has been quite a lot of brouhaha about false dowry cases, false rape cases, false sexual harassment cases being filed against innocent men who are sent behind bars without trial or investigation. However, not many people know about the seriousness of these false cases and what does an innocent man go through in the process.

Various organizations have mushroomed across the geographies of India who are working to support victimized and distressed men and the contacts of the organizations are abuzz with stories of innocent men being victimized under false cases, false allegations. Years of research in studying the underlying pattern behind these false cases unearths interesting psychological revelations about how society (including men) treats men.

To begin with, the story does not end at filing a false case or leveling a false allegation. It’s the beginning. The real abuse of the man starts when these false allegations are taken at face value, and no attempt is made to verify the tenacity of the allegations, rather, using the false allegations as an excuse, the man is abused further and such abuse of men is acceptable socially.

Not only that, many innocent have been punished, beaten up, severely demeaned, merely on the basis of assumptions and allegations and are also made to compensate to the woman who levels false allegations because after all she is a woman whom the society considers as holy saints who never lie while all men are born criminals.

Some instances of abuse of men under false allegations are,

1. Even, if the case is false, the man is still forced to take a bail without any investigation, merely on the basis of complaint and if it is a complaint of rape/dowry death, he is jailed for months together before even being granted bail and there is no respite available for the man.

2. In maintenance cases, merit is rarely looked at, by the courts and even if the woman is capable of maintaining herself, courts grant maintenance as the woman has complained of neglect and desertion.

3. Often courts order huge amounts to be paid to the woman while granting bail orders to men trapped in false dowry cases.

4. Men have to keep on fighting cases containing baseless allegations as courts, society refuse to provide relief to such men and also refuse to punish such abusive women who trap innocent men in false cases for their selfish gains.

5. Men implicated in false cases live a life of criminal even though they have not committed any crime.

Above abuse of men is just the tip of the iceberg and a single article cannot encapsulate or articulate the immense emotional turmoil that men go through when they are trapped in false cases containing false, baseless and frivolous allegations.

However, it is pertinent to highlight some of the devastating psychological impacts that happen on men when false allegations are leveled on the man and he is put to task for the same.

Loss of self-esteem: Men start developing guilt feelings when a woman levels false allegations on a man and the society constantly hammers him with the same. As a result he starts developing very low self-esteem and this degrades his overall quality of life.

Low on confidence: When men are abused merely because a woman has filed some allegations against him (whether true or false) and despite attempts by the man to prove his innocence, he is considered as a criminal, many men lose their confidence and even become paranoid.

Developing mistrust: When, falsely accused, and there is no justice done to the innocent man and he is abused as well, he loses trust on the society, law and order system and people in general. This is a very unhealthy sign socially and if the numbers of rising false cases aren’t arrested, very soon we would have a society of individuals with high amount of mistrust amongst each other.

Fear of relationships: Men develop psychological phobia towards developing relationships once falsely accused. Not only that, other men, close to the man falsely accused, also, at times, develop psychological phobia towards developing relationships.

Hatred of women: For all the torture that women do on men, still hatred is an unhealthy psychological condition and must not be harbored. However, when men are abused by women followed by false allegations that are leveled on the men and ends of justice aren’t met; many men develop feelings of deep hatred towards women.

Fear Psychosis: Men develop a lot of fears about various aspects of life as they are tortured, abused and terrorized with false allegations.

These devastating psychological impacts on falsely accused men, is currently not a concern for the society and we do not have any kind of redress mechanism to save innocent men from false cases and this reality is a big concern for men. It’s time the Government takes curative steps in the direction of stopping false cases against men,