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The realistic myth of Patriarchy for men

The realistic myth of Patriarchy for men

Man holding small globe

Man holding small globe

Before we delve deep into the topic, let’s first discuss what’s patriarchy all about?

Patriarchy is the notional concept that father is the head of the family.

This single notional concept is so magical that it makes the society ubiquitously assume that all powers in a family wrests with the father and he is omnipotent in the family.

Real power does not come from the fact whether you are the head or not, real power comes from the fact whether you can be criticized or not. The real fact of the matter is that the head of the family – the father, howsoever, powerful he may seem can easily be challenged by even a 12 years old girl who can accuse the father of being utterly careless and insensitive and just to prove her wrong, the father will pamper the girl.

That same father would punish the girl if she challenges the mother. In fact, it’s the motherly figure in the family in a patriarchal setup that enjoys complete immunity from criticism and thus real power lies with the mother in a patriarchal setup.

Ironically, it is this same patriarchal setup of the society that has laid the foundation for the inception and growth of an out and out anti-male force called feminism, a force that is most vocal of anti-male stands, anti-male laws and anti-male attitudes in the society.

Feminism is also responsible for mothers getting custody of children in the event of separation and the mother being considered as an unchallengeable goddess like figurine because apparently the power is with the father.

However, the reality is that in a patriarchal setup, it’s the fathers who do not get to see their children and not the mothers and it’s the fathers who end up paying maintenance even without spending time with their children. All this happens as the society, reeling under the dual effects of patriarchy and feminism, denies rights to men.

In fact, men’s rights are a joke in man’s life right from his childhood. Patriarchy forces subjugating notions down a boy’s throats, forces boys unto war and has been responsible for war against boys as well.

Feminists do not fail to cite that in school admission forms and in passport forms it’s the father’s name that is written and not the mother’s name. What needs to be realized here is that merely writing name does not guarantee power to father, It rather loads responsibilities onto the father and these responsibilities are like an unwritten code which every father is duty bound to fulfil and when they do so, the fathers are taken for granted; and all this, for a patriarchal setup.

Feminists blame patriarchy for oppressing women with the idea that all money, power and influence in the society wrests with men – the patriarchs.

If that is the case, then the pertinent questions that come to one’s mind are:

  1. How is so much of feminist propaganda happening in a misogynistic patriarchal world?
  2. Propaganda of this level needs huge funds, who is funding feminism?
  3. How every power sphere is bogged down by feminism into passing gender biased laws which are heavily loathed against men?
  4. If patriarchy oppressed women, who forced men to lay down their lives in order to protect women throughout history?
  5. Who has laid this concept of men being the protector and the provider in the marriage, since this concept is millennia old and feminism is not even a century old still?
  6. If feminists crave so much for equality, why are they not objecting to 16th century role for men while asking for liberal roles for women?
  7. Why do patriarchs patronize feminism even when feminists ridicule them, scathe them and insult them openly in the society?
  8. Even when there are millions of uneducated boys, unemployed young men and homeless men living a life of penury, vagrancy and poverty, there isn’t a single provision for a man to get support from a woman in an otherwise patriarchal setup?
  9. If patriarchy is for real and men are really powerful, then why male suicides top the charts across borders, religions and cultures?
  10. Why does patriarchy that’s supposed to ensure domination of males in the society require men to earn their manhood socially?

A quick introspection into the answers of these questions would tell any rational mind that patriarchy is not at all about giving powers to men, it’s all about giving powers to women because in a patriarchal setup, it’s the women who are immune from criticism and not men. Feminism is not only created by patriarchy to oppress men but is also funded, proliferated, promulgated and propagated by patriarchs in order to ensure the oppression continues.

The notional concept that patriarchy translates to automatic power for men has deprived men of even their basic human rights and in light of this stark reality of society, one more question demands answers and that question is –

“Is patriarchy a realistic myth for men?”