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The Sentinels of Human Territories

The Sentinels of Human Territories

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The sentinels of Human Territory

Gone are the days of war in most countries and gone are the days of anvil that men had to stay on, being the protectors of civilization boundaries. For centuries, men have donned the role of sentinels of these human territories.

However, traits of evolution refuse to die down and the behavioral patterns can still be found to be emerging in way societies have developed in the last 100 odd years. The biggest problem with this ubiquitous donning of the protector role is that men lose a chance to speak for themselves and at the same time remain stressed for troubles of others.

Interestingly and ironically, such a social positioning for men is celebrated, glorified, propagated and promulgated wherein sacrifices by the man are taken for granted like those of a sentinel guarding the borders of a fort. It is expected that the sentinel will risk his life for guarding the contours of the fort, even lose it and still it will be considered as his duty and if he fails due to any reason, he will be held as an enemy of the fort.

In current times, a family is a like a fort for a man who is responsible for the guarding the contours of this human territory like a sentinel and when he fails, the family has the right to declare him a criminal and his life can be hung on the gallows and there won’t be any voices of dissent against it. This family includes wife, children of the man and also his parents at times.

A glaring example in this case can be quoted from the famous Hollywood flick titled, “2012”. The movie shows the much talked about possible destruction of the world on 21 Dec 2012 and shows a central character in the movie named Jackson Curtis whose family gets entangled in the emerging international crisis. The background here is that he and his wife are divorced, have 2 children and his ex-wife now lives with her lover, Gordon.

Now, Curtis, his ex-wife, their 2 children and Gordon are together in the crisis. As a background, it is constantly shown that the wife is non-caring of Curtis and blames him consistently for everyone’s life in the family. However, still Gordon tells Curtis that he should consider himself lucky as he has a family of his own. Gordon always wished a family of his own.

This thought reflects the conditioning men are subjected to, in the society. What Gordon meant was that Curtis should be proud and feel lucky because he had a fort (of his own) to guard and be a sentinel for this human territory, even though it was not only hazardous for Curtis to guard the fort but also he was abused as he was writing a book and didn’t get enough time on hand to “guard the fort”.

This is how men are conditioned to act as sentinels of human territories and in this process and when they attempt to do something for themselves or follow their passion, the fort raises an issue and challenges them for not being sentinel enough. These silent and hidden travails of being a sentinel are too precarious for being a man and unless there are academic studies around this phenomena, men would continue to be the sentinels of the forts of societies which are like human territories and would also pay the price for being a sentinel.