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Training And Consultation on the Gender Sensitivities with special focus on understanding Men

Training And Consultation on the Gender Sensitivities with special focus on understanding Men

Men form a large proportion of the workforce in most of the companies and are usually called upon to execute dangerous and mostly unwanted jobs, for e.g. night shifts. They have their own unique requirements, travails and socialization that need to be handled sensitively.

The current social and communication environment promotes misunderstanding against them in many arenas and companies may be forced to take actions which may not be morally appropriate and cause harm to essentially decent law-abiding situations.

A non-listening and a non-helping environment for men can manifest itself in suicides, murder and this has been found in multiple examples within corporate/MNC world. There are cases where in men have faced unfounded accusations and have not faced the expected support, guidance to help them prove innocence and communicate the same as well.

This has led to more wastage of productive resources and effort. In addition not acting quickly on this matter also has adverse impacts on even the reputation of men and as well as companies.

Confidare Consultancy is pioneer in the arena of understanding the issues and concerns of the men. We have studied the concerns and requirements of men facing issues in workplace and home including the harassment they may face at workplace.

Key Achievements:

  1. We are the pioneers in bringing men’s issues mainstream.
  2. Our Partners have already participated and prepared their report for the Karnataka Law commission on various gender related laws like family and workplace laws.
  3. Through representation in the Rajya Sabha, we have been instrumental in ensuring the “misuse” clause in the harassment at workplace law.
  4. We have represented the issues in almost all media channels and newspapers.
  5. Through our efforts of sensitizing the Members of Parliament we have been able to get them to debate about men’s issues, false cases and concerns of men in the House.

Highlights of expertize:

  1. We are well versed in the work place culture of organizations having been part of multiple companies.
  2. We have been involved in multiple high-profile matters including Wipro where in Azim Premji was summoned in Domestic Violence matter of his employee, Tamil Film Actor Prashant’s domestic issues.
  3. We run community centers that have helped scores of men to resolve their issues coming out workplace, family matter.

We offer the following services / trainings with focus on the men to make sure that there is better understanding and sensitivities



  1. Gender Sensitivity : “Understanding the issues facing Men” for Senior Management and Leadership levels
  2. Workshops on “Male and Masculinities“ for middle Management
  3. Legal Knowledge and Awareness


  1. Communication and policy review on workplace behavioral policies and ethics.
  2. Trial Lawyer – Karnataka, Delhi and Supreme Court only, in partnership with Chamber of Justice.